FCS ltd, PureSoft are Fraud & Cheating Companies

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FCS ltd and PureSoft are both cheating software consulting companies located in same address @ SAN JOSE,CA. Please dont take any agreement with these companies.

Web: www.puresoftinc.com


Amardeep Pure

These both companies in the same address... having same numbers... they will change the companies names every 6months... bcoz... every 6months they will cheat new people with new requirements.

Cheaters beware of these companies

Thanks...for your time. becareful.

Monetary Loss: $1000.


Carson, California, United States #774347

Jessica myers called from F.C.S pertaining to fraud and said my name came up? I laughed because i just picked up this number


Please post names, pictures, resumes and any other identifying information of the people involved in this fraud. Otherwise, they will just change the name of the company and start over.


Contact the FBI, IRS, DHS, DOL, Etc. and get these people in Jail and deported.

Post these, along with the full contract and names and associates of the people involved in this scam. Post them on complaintsboard.com consumercomplains.in and on social media.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #599147
These people are very slow in paying. I have a contract where I was supposed to be payed on the 25th of each month.

They have NEVER paid me on that date, it usually takes a week to get paid from them.

I would never do another contract with these people. :(

Pictures (with names) are very helpful.

Sounds like a software company in Jersey City, NJ run by Balu Patel and Dipika Patel called Globlesoft.


I contacted a few people who have also been cheated by Econosoft, and checked it out myself. Physically, the office in San Jose is locked. Most likely, the agency is 100% in India, but conducting business in the U.S.

If you want to help others, do what I'm doing tomorrow morning - file a report with the police station - San Jose, where they hold business, as well as the city you live in. Also file a report with the FBI - they have the tools and the manpower to handle international fraud - that's why they're for.

Include the contact names you have in the report you file - that's what I'm doing. I'm including everything - another agency that is "associated" with the contract I was applying for, and the client. The other agency - www.bridgetechnicalsolutions.com - I don't know if they're "partners" with Econosoft, or if they'll also be cheated.

Most important - the more reports that are filed, the harder the police and the FBI will crack down on them.

Consider the following sufficient reason to not work with them. It is a very restrictive agreement with a large penalty cause, and no promise you will get a job. The agreement is for the "privilege" of interviewing with a client.

Pre – End Client Interview Agreement

1. In Consideration of the time, effort and expenses to be borne by Econosoft Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Company) for submitting & interviewing you/your resume for a possible Technical writer assignment, you give the Company an exclusive authorization to submit you as a candidate to the client for such assignment.
2. During the term whereof you will not permit or authorize any other agency or individual to submit you as a candidate for this assignment and agree that you will not offer your services directly or indirectly to the client/clients introduced by the Company to you.
3. In addition, it us understood that you will be available exclusively to the Company for 3 business days from the time of Interview and agree to join the project if selected. You may also be required to travel to other locations as per client’s instructions.
4. Further it is to affirm that you will not back out from starting the project after you candidature has been confirmed by the Company’s client.
5. In the event that you breach the provisions of this Agreement, you agree to pay the Company as liquidated damages and not as a penalty a further sum of US Dollars Ten Thousand. You acknowledge that liquidated damages in such amount is reasonable under the circumstances in light of the fact that significant damages and expenses will be suffered or incurred by the Company and in recognition of the difficulty and further expense of proving the exact amount thereof.
6. It is understood that this is not an offer or a contract of employment. If you are engaged for the above assignment, it will be pursuant to a separate written agreement with the Company.

Econosoft, Inc.
2375 Zanker Road, Suite 208
San Jose, CA 95131.
Phone: (408) 521-1140

8) :p :sigh :zzz :cry :? :roll :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

yes ,they owe me 20K+


Santosh Battu and Srinivas Raju,

If you are not some fakes from FCS/ACE/Puresoft?econosoft, reveal your company names.

These frauds are still holding the payments since 9 months and never respond.


We are very happy to work with FCS/ Econosoft INC........I blv they can't cheat wrong feedback................We are working with them last 2 yrs..................


Hey I am not agree with you all guys, we placed consulatant through them and get the payment somthly...........yes dealy for somtime but we talked to Amish Datta and Rohit Sharma (very helpfull and co-oprative) in FCS/ Econosoft.......................................


TO add few more companies to the list in my past 5 years of experience includes:

US Tech Solutions, Inc headquartered at NJ

Avenir Inc, NJ

N2S Global Services, FL

If you are going to put in your efforts to place their consultants, they will ensure they are going direct with the prime vendor or end client. Keep a list to track all these companies who act unethically and ditch you of money


If you guys read their contract it says its a "New York Incorporated company" and having corporate office from San Jose now San Jose Office is locked.. and they r running still their cheating operation from India God knows how many companies they Registered...

I invite you all guys to come together and file case against that fraud company we can publish same in newpapers lets spend some more money(as we all lost very good ammount) to save others... Please send yours all details in vijay12pandey@gmail.com We will share our company details and hire a Attorney for same...lets do it guys...time to take action...






see the contact info!


Very true,

they have few more companies

fcs ltd.

puresoft Inc

Econosoft Inc

Ace Technologies, Inc

all belong to the same a** and all the companies are big cheats.

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